Photo: National Polka Festival Audience, 2017, Ennis, Texas
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Photography, Video and Audio Production
Jesús Manuel Mena Garza is primarily known as a documentary photographer and videographer. Jesús Garza is a graduate of San José State University with a BA in Journalism with a Photojournalism emphasis. The artist also attended the San Francisco Art Institute. For more than a half a century, the 70 year old Garza has specialized in documenting people, nature, infrastructure and events. Additionally, Garza has worked on and off in radio and television news. SEE GARZA'S VITAE
California To Tejas
Garza operated a photography studio, gallery and darkroom in San José, California from 1980 to 1999. The Fall of 1999, the artist moved to Austin so his wife could attend graduate school. At the University of Texas at Austin, Ann Marie Leimer earned her Masters and PhD. The couple still reside in Texas. In Fort Worth, Jesús Garza freelances while his wife is a university professor. Garza also teaches senior education photography courses at Tarrant Valley Community College. 
Nature Lover
For as long as Garza can remember, he has enjoyed the great American outdoors. Garza continues to go camping (RVing), hiking, cycling and fishing. He especially loves traveling to the Southwest. Being immersed in the natural world, forces the artist to take a respite from his routine and accept his modest place in the universe. A spiritually grounding experience.
Garza's Four YouTube Channels
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