Please check out my YouTube video on my photographs of Oaxaca, Mexico. This video is available in UHD/4k.
In 2005, I captured the original photos using a Nikon D70s … a 6-megapixel camera. Today, I use a 36-megapixel camera. Yes, in photography bigger sensors are typically better.
I haven't gone to Europe, Africa, Asia or even Hawaii. But I have traveled a bit. Primarily throughout the American Southwest and Mexico. I enjoy the amazing diversity and photography opportunities this region has to offer. 
While in Oaxaca, I captured several images of Mexican artists creating wood sculptures called Alebrijes. These fantastical and colorful creatures are popular in Mexico City and Oaxaca. My photographs explore the artistic transformation from roughly hewn pieces of wood, to sculpting fine details to painstakingly adding colorful lines, dots and textures. 
Below is a link for a free eBook and a video. Check out both. Thanks!
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